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Rachel Berry and the Olympians Masterpost

Title: Rachel Berry and the Olympians
Characters/Pairings: Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray, Brittany S. Pierce/Santana Lopez, character list coming soon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Glee club is for losers demigods.
Disclaimer: I own nothing - not the characters, not the setting (unless someone would be so nice as to gift me with the whole US, lol) - but the plot twists.
Spoilers: Season 1 of Glee, to be safe. Also minor "extremely-out-of-context" spoilers for the Percy Jackson series and The Lost Hero.
Rachel Berry and the Olympians

A father his children will not resemble; nor children their father
And neither guest to host, nor comrade to comrade,
nor brother will be dear, as in the former time

-Hesiod, Works and Days
Tags: fic: epic, fic: glee, pairing: rachel/quinn, pairing: santana/brittany, rbato: masterpost
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